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    Roberta Quin

    Hello Adam,

    I'm going to reply to all your questions:


    1. At the moment the pink bar is set this way by default and it is not possible to change. We reported to the technical team this suggestion and maybe in the future interface you will have the chance to see another colour. 

    2. The colour of the loading bar of the web page is set by default... is the same problem of the pink loading bar and at the moment it is not possible to customize it.

    3. The app usually occupies the whole screen. There is no way to show the top bar. But if you slide the bar with the finger you will be able to see the upper bar of the telephone.

    4. The colours of the phone toolbars are set by default in the phone and are external to the app. So it is not possible to change  a phone setting from the app.

    5. To check the problem with the ZIP into the web screen we need to test it. You can send a ticket to the support email with the app name and we will test the app.


    Kind regards

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